Jesus, what a hunt! 3 old silvers and my first old gold ring!

Just back from a road trip, to see this thread, amazing finds! All sorts of nice BIG silvers and a beautiful GOLD ring!
Thanks LtS! That place absolutely blew my mind for as much good stuff was there!! Everything there is 1920 or older too which is cool. I went back this morning to clean up any signals I hadn't gotten over and came across a circa 1905-1910 medicine bottle from Winona, Minn. laying right on the ground in the grass!


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Should be a few outhouse pits in the back that might be loaded with bottles, including some nice North Dakota embossed pharmacy bottles!
My buddy and I kind of thought about that.....I would imagine there's gotta be an outhouse pit somewhere there and it shouldn't be to hard to find......might be doing some bottle digging out there too!
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