Should I clean it, and if so, how?


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Nov 29, 2015
Found this today in Minnesota. It is a cartridge box plate and maybe my best find ever. Thoughts on cleaning would be appreciated.


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Nope, don't touch it anymore. It's beautiful! Also those metals probably won't "clean up" any further.
An amazing find for Minnesota, my neighbor to the North. Whereabouts in Minnesota did you find it? I'm with the others, "as is" is perfect.
just seal it up with some renaissance wax or something and you are good to go
Awesome find!!!! I would leave it just the way it is.

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Great find! I always think they look better with the aged patina.

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That's an awesome find! I think where I'm at in Florida the chances of finding something like that are slim to none.
Wow that is a dream find for anyone. Huge congratulations to you on that one. I agree a little coat of renaissance wax just to seal it and protect it and right into a display
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