Looking for iron


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Apr 18, 2024
Hello, friendly friends.
I got the minelab X-Terra pro after watching some YouTuber say it was a pro detector for the price of a starter unit. So that’s what I got.

I’m looking for property marker pins. 1 inch diameter rebar. Nothing else. I’ll probably give this away to an aspiring kid when I’m finished with it.

This detector has a lot of features and options. And it appears it can (and does) exclude iron. Because it’s not valuable.

So everywhere I look, the talk is about how to exclude iron because nobody wants to find iron. Except me.

Can someone give me the simple step-by-step dummy instructions on how to set this up to find iron, and nothing else?
My soil is rocky. Eastern PA.
Thanks in advance.
Here's a tip. Find a chunk of rebar and pound it into the ground. Now swing over the rebar and make a note of the sound. I would recommend putting it in all metal mode by pushing the horseshoe button. Should when just fine
Press the button with the horseshoe on it and make sure that the discrimination meter at the top of the display is full of black segments. That means you are accepting all targets including iron.
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