How many years in your job?


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Jan 26, 2021
Central Illinois
Tomorrow is my 35th year where I work. When people find out they look at me like I'm from another planet. I was just wondering who among us has lived most of their life at one place of employment? This can be for current or retired folks.
My last real job I had, I was there for 16 years. They transferred all the production jobs to China. The only jobs the company has now in the US is a shipping dept. They open crates from china and repack the products in US crates. Now I work for Doordash the last 4 years.
I started at my workplace as a general laborer making $4.10 per hour, 30 years ago in January. I’m the plant manager nowadays, making a pretty good living. Looking forward to retiring.
I'm 66 and have worked a fair share of jobs over the years, but I retired 2 years ago from my last jb after 25 years. I was the Network Administrator for a local hospital. When I was hired they had 1 mainframe IBM when I left I had installed 440 PCs, a wireless system, and many medical devices. The only reason I'm not still there is our hospital chain, Lifepoint, was bought out by 9 billionaires and converted into a private hospital. They came in and replace all the old timers with their own. Really screwed up my retirement plans because that was just when COVID hit.
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In mid-1978 I started working a few hours a week at the farm newspaper and print shop that employed my parents, mostly in the printing end. Print shop closed in 2018, I transitioned to the newspaper fulltime. Same building too. So going on 45 years counting the part-time.
Have over 2 decades as a union carpenter but I have been on dozens if not 100's of construction sites, some jobs lasting days, some weeks, some months and have worked with 100's of different people doing many different things over the years, don't think I could adapt to working at the same place doing the same thing with the same people every day.
An uncle on mine finally retired from the post office at 83 years old, he was actually playing hockey until a few years ago, still doing well but realized it was time to slow down
Retired 16 years now after 39 years with PG&E, the major gas and electric utility in central and Northern California. Worked both sides of the house in the field and engineering.
This is my 30th year in business ( HVAC commercial service) worked at another few at the beginning after the service. One for three years and another for eighteen. Ran that one for the last eight years until the owners son showed up. That's a story for another day. Old days we were called refrigeration mechanics, now HVAC tech's.
39 years as a geologist and later a geologist supervisor with the Arkansas Geological Survey, retired in Nov. 2013, absolutely enjoying retirement, no interest in going back to work on any regular SS, Medicare, State Ins. Supplement, State Retirement, and 401 K Savings account that the Feds make me take money annually out of. Living life and enjoying it at 73 as King Totsalot! :laughing: :laughing:
9.5 years Air Force as a carpenter/welder/sheet metal/mason/locksmith
6 years building maintenance at a hotel/casino
12 years currently building high end yachts
I've worked at my current job since 2012, and will probably retire there. I was born in April of '89, and the guy at the top of the seniority list started in March the same year :laughing: I've made it a good ways up that list, not really trying to start all over again. My only gripe is the commute. My shift starts at 4 AM, I need to leave the house by 3-315 AM the latest to get to work on time. A friend recently got a job working from home, now THAT I would not mind :lol:
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