First attempt to clean crummy clad........


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Mar 22, 2023
Today was my first attempt to clean up some clad. I watched a couple of youtube videos and read some threads here.

i just kept it simple. some white aquarium gravel, water, and the nearest soap in reach in the garage, a tube of Goop hand cleaner.

i set the machine to its top speed and ran it for 3 hours. The coins looked better. then i realized i needed to rinse them off and then they looked much better.

the coins to the right in the after photo have been wiped clean. Still have to rinse and wipe the upper left.

they may not all make it through a Coin Star machine but they are all recognizable and should be able to spend.
Looks good! If you separate the pennies from the rest it helps keep the rust color off the silver clad. I haven't had to tumble coins in a few years now, just haven't found much clad.
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