Finally did it! A gold coin.


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Jan 2, 2017

I was in the UK to attend some conferences for work/family vacation and managed to get permission at a property owned by our Airbnb host near Kendal in the Lake District. They told me they had a detector and that they hadn't found much, so I didn't expect much. But my third target was a 1744 George II Hibernia Halfpenny, so I knew the site had potential. I found a lot of nineteenth and early twentieth century coppers and some modern trash. Then in a trashier area, I got a decent signal and lifted the plug to reveal a golden disc. I was stunned.
I told the landowners the next day and offered to buy it from them. They told me they'd take 50% of the coin's value and that seemed fair to me. I hope to post my non-gold from the trip in a later post.

But in any case, bucket list item acquired! Now to try for US gold next.​

What an opportunity and you scored HUGH! Good for you. What was the value of your golf?

Mark in Michigan
That is a lovely piece, and in better condition than they usually pop up. Some people detect in England for years and never find a Sovereign, let alone one of the early issues. Congratulations!
Gold coin with a borrowed detector! You need to buy lottery tickets. I have a buddy that has been to England 4-5 times now. He has zero gold thus far. Congrats on the stellar find!
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