Cleaned my clad with the rock tumbler !!!


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Nov 28, 2010
It's raining out and I thought it would be a good time to tumble some coins and clean them for spending. I always give them a tumble in straight water mixed (copper and clad) to get the big dirt off. Then I separate the pennies from the clad coins, run them in vinegar, a little salt, a couple drops of dawn dish soap, and some lyme away. Run them for about 40 minutes and they come out nice and shinny. Expect tonight, The clad came out all pink ! A penny snuck in with the clad !
The pennies came out all nice and shinny :) Yeah
It's a bugger when a penny slips into the clad! I've started putting cents in a zn jar and a cu jar, then the clad goes in another jar. That clad jar is what later gets sorted into "clean enough" and "needs tumbling" bins.... My last run, only had a handful of coins that were rejected, after running them through and through and through :lol: I've been letting them run overnight, but I don't do the pre-rinse tumble like you do... Good use of the time!
I used to take my cleaned coins to coinstar in my location, but I got tired of doing Amazon and the fees if you did not do a gift card. So I took my coins to a local Casino, they were happy to get them at no charge to me :) Yeah
Pennies must be different in my neck of the woods. I tumble them in with the other clad and never have a problem with the clads turning red. But, red or not, the coin machines will still accept them.
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