Anyone Geocaching?

Yes. I have been doing it for 8 years or so and have found more than 1100. Its a great way to find places that you'd maybe never go to. There is an app for the iphone and android but its not as accurate as GPS. I mainly use a Garmin Oregon 550T but also have an old Garmin etrex Vista HCx. If you're in the Cumming GA area look me up and we can MD & Geocache. My Geocaching ID is the same as my forum name here.
Yeah, I've been geocaching for a couple years, I've hid a few and found a few also. Some geocaches are in state parks so just be careful of where you take the detector, sometimes geocaches can be in places that are technically private property, eventhough geocache rules say not to put them on private property people sometimes do. Happy hunting everyone.
Have been for several years now. It's really amazing where some of these will take you! I'm always impressed how some are right in front of so many muggles on a daily basis yet they're never discovered.
We also geocach for few years now and never used a GPS. It takes much more studying different google maps, searching and sometimes you have to visit the place few times more....
Anyway this hobby is amazing. You will discover places, experience nature and have stories to tell. It obsessed me so much that i hiked 15 miles in one day, climb mountains in miserable weather etc.:yes:
Sometimes i just use fellow geocachers "as bait" - observing the place and people to discover the location for me...:D
We've been Geocaching off and on for over 5 years. We've cached in NC, VA and DE, as well as in Belize.
Seeing this post a few days ago prompted us to see if there were any new ones in our area. Since today was the first day of Spring Break here and our granddaughters (ages 4 and 7) were with us for the day we decided to give it a go. We found 16 within 5 miles of our house. 6 hours and the only cross words were arguing over who had to sit in the back of the van.

Someone here recently said not to use a cell phone for a GPS, but we used the CacheSense app with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and absolutely LOVED it! We got within arms distance of every one we went after today using the compass feature. It made it much less frustrating since our handheld GPS gives bad readings if you aren't moving at least 3 miles per hour. We especially liked the "Find Nearest Cache" feature. We went after ones we probably wouldn't have gone after otherwise.

BTW, we cache under the same name as we use here, too.
The honey and I used to do it quite often, but I haven’t had the money to run my Jeep in a while, so no caching in some time.

We’ll do it again soon because we love it. :)
we've done it for a few years off and on ... Logged 490 finds and have 7 active hides of ours out ... Garmin etrax is the way to go
I have found places to MD through geocaching.I find MDing more fullfilling ,I don't have to be stealthy.The finds are better also.while out detecting I have found caches,so i can do both at the same time.
My son and I have been caching for a few years and we love it!. One of the best things about it is finding places practically in your own back yard that you never knew existed. We always try to do a cache or two when we travel just to learn some quirky history about the area.
I just went to the site and there are over 300 within 5 miles of my house. I know where one is because I saw someone find it in the park I hunt. I may have to give this a go since a lot of the places are places I frequent.
I found a GEOcache when I was metal detecting. i wanted to leave my name on the Log, but I figured I wouldn't bother....

Lexington Mass at a Park down this cart path.. along the stone wall...
No, I do not intentionaly geocache. I do however find them all the time while outdoors. I used to put a few coins or whatever in them with a quick note. Now I don't even touch them.
I used to geocache but haven't in some time. I'm hopeful to get back into it alongside detecting. Seems like both fit together and one would lead to another. Same name on geocaching website but it's been so long I don't know if they purge for inactivity.

Have the best
Geocaching + Metal Detecting?

I've just gotten into it in the past month and have started Benchmark hunting also. I have looked for a few Benchmarks in the one section of beach where I MD regularly without much success while actively looking for them, but today, I stumbled on a piece of rebar 7 inches below the sand as I was walking out from a long hunt. I was just about ready to shut off the PI machine when I get this booming hit. I went ahead and dug it because it was a tiny, loud hit. I shoved the 720 in and scooped the first load of sand, and on the second bite I hit the rebar. On the top of the rebar was a red plastic cap that said FDOT Ref. so while this is NOT the benchmark, it should help me find it I hope!



This is VERY interesting, I have been wondering how to do the GDT (Geo Detecting Treasure) Caches, but, I'm not sure I would like to put this in the beach, what if you hit this?
Geo Detecting Treasure - Geocaching & Metal Detecting Combined

I started this site which is still under construction, just about done which you can sign up and test, volunteers will receive a FREE GDT coin,

Let me know what you think?

The main site will go to the community part of the site, and then the beta site will be live!

I also have a APP under construction, all should be done next month after 3 years of developing!

See my YouTube video


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