A note of inspiration for new folks - Long and boring

This was a good write, agree with it all. I have to say, I started detecting in the mid 70's with a cheap detector my dad had bought. It was not long before I gave up the hobby as the machine was terrible and you dug nothing but junk. But in the late 80's I bought a White's DI 5000 pro and things got better quickly. I started finding lots of coins (and junk). I've been detecting ever since and this year updated to a White's VX3. Great machine, but let's be serious.......I still find junk. ha If you are metal detecting to get rich or pay for the machine, you are probably not going to succeed. Yes, you might be one of the lucky one's, but probably not. I do it because I love it, I do it to bring these things out of the ground and give someone a chance to see them again. If I am lucky enough to find some gold and can sell enough to pay for the machine, great, but actually, I've never sold anything I've found, it's mine to look at, remember some great days of finding these things and it's fun to show people occasionally what I've found. I'm sure that when the prices drop on Gold and Silver, lots of people will put away or sell their detectors, but I'm in it for the long haul, love the dirt digging, figuring out where my next hunt is, researching places, and wondering what that next beep is going to show me.
When you here the happiness of a rosie find ($2) or a silver quarter ($8) it is not the value, its like bringing something back from the dead, like reanimating the long gone.

When i find clad, even a penny, it's something that would have remained there, perhaps for years, in the case of a modern zincoln..perhaps forever, or a pieve of jewelry, a nice relic, etc.

Yes its like playing on the slots or scratch tickets with every hole a potential winner, and yes we'd all love to find gold and silver but finding anything beneath a none descipt park, or field, something that has been there since the 18th century, 17th century, even longer is a buzz.

It may be a school soccer pin (ive found i think 6 of them in the last few months) or a silver earring, it might be a pencil tip with the eraser bitten in half or a piece of what you know will be the first of another dozen pieces of can slaw.

The hunt them becomes finding something to make your machine sing..even if its junk for that few seconds you machine was running perfectly...those notes although annoying to any normal person were like maria callas to you.

You found something..something nobody else found, maybe for more then 100 years people have walked around, over and maybe even on top of and you found it, gave it life, gave it back its purpose maybe...and the clad becomes the fuel for your batteries, fuel, paying down your cost of tools.

Yes, maybe you'll never end up in profit but you'll end up with quite a few things that you can show, recall, entertain yourself and perhaps most importantly become ever more closer to your machine and what its trying to tell you...so much so that you keep returning to places you hunted to find those things that were there the first time but you now understand what they are or could be.
Inspirational story

You should be a writer. As I was reading your story I was literaly visualizing you in my minds eye. At the same time there was a picture of myself swinging and digging up junk but going to the next hole with high hopes, not sure when to give it up. Even so, I do believe there's some of us who, no matter what, never give up. Keep up the great stories!
I have yet to find anything to make me jump up and down for joy.I went to the beach this am no luck.My motivation is i have only been doing this for 2 weeks better days are ahead.If i was to give up i will never know the joy of some nice finds..The md is not a magic wand.When i hit the right location good things will happen..
Great storry Tinfoil. I still can get over that "crack" thing. :)
I have been detecting for about a year and been there done that many times. But as you said, maybe our next find is a swing away, and that's what keeps us comming back.
Keep swinging

Great post Tin. I'de kinda like to add to what you have to say. For one thing, if I go out and don't find anything, well I just tell myself, "I don't have to wonder if theres any treasure there or not" and wipe that place off my want to hunt list. I have been pretty successful this year, because I've stepped out of my comfort zone, and actually asked strangers if they would allow me to hunt for old coins in their yards. Dirt yards are the best, you know where they quit watering because water is getting so expensive. I go on line, type in "historic aerials" and a web site pops up with a map of the United States, click on the area where you live, and click on the oldest date you will be able to see where all the older houses are in your area, then go there, and if you spot someone outside, stop, approach them and tell them "some of your neighbors have allowed me to detect for old coin in their yards, and I have been finding old wheat pennies, and some silver dimes". And before they anything, I tell them I don't leave any holes, I cover them back up, and if it's grass, I tell them I cut a slice in the grass, pull the sides back, and go in and extract the coin, put the dirt back and push the sides back together, and you can't even tell I was here after I'm done. You would be supprised at how many people let me do their yards. And if there kind enough to let me hunt, I tell them I will show them everything I find if they are interested. And most importantly, while hunting, keep watch out for other neighbors in their yards, and if you see any, stop digging, and hurry over to where they are and tell them their neighbor was nice enought to let me hunt in their yard, would you mind if I did yours, and when I'm done, you won't be able to tell I was even here. You can say, look at your neighbors yard, you can't tell where I've been digging. I'm up to 131 silver coins this year using that mo. Another mo for me is to go to the older neighborhoods where theres curb strips, where theres grass or dirt between the curb and sidewalk and I pick out the houses where theres mostly dirt, and hopefully not any higher than the sidewalk and start hunting there. People for years and been parking along the curbs, and when reaching for their keys, pull out change as well that falls to the grass and walla, it's mine 60 years later and it's silver :D. Parks are hit hard, but there's curb strips out there that have never been detected, and many times, targets are pretty close together.
I believe curb stirps are the most fertile square footage you will run into, period. Think about it. When they were making silver coins, kids played outside, not inside as the do today, playing electronic games. There's silver coins out there, and silver jewelry and gold too. Just last week a found a gold class ring with a 1931 date on it. The house was built in the early 50's.
Good luck
I loved your story, I started in June and have dug my share of holes, had a few successes and that is the fun of the hobby! Your words had me cracking up, thank you!
Excellent post Tinfoilhat,

A dose of reality in today's MD hobby is refreshing to hear.

Most following comments reinforce the fact that those who, put in the time detecting, stick with the hobby through thick and thin plus learn there particular machines language are more often then not, often, the most successful.

I know the formula for my limited success at detecting is: Even after days of perceived detecting failures, persistence + research and the firm belief in the next hunt will be successful pull me through! Not to mention that my most enjoyable days are spent just being out detecting.

If you can't do the time don't sweat the dime!:lol:

A hit and miss forum member! Moleasses.:D
I agree. I had been hunting the easement in neighborhoods with 100+ year old homes and are excellent. This is where I found my two shield nickels and 1854 0 seated quarter, some buffalo Nickels, Indian Heads, Mercs, Washington quarters and unique tokens, plus two irate neighbors from different occasions.
i can truely relate the frustration even though I know I'd be better if I grind some more. just this late afternoon the weather was hot but I didn't mind the sweat dripping from my head . as if I have taken a shower with my own sweat. still hunting swinging all around, all i came up was Bottle cap and Pull tabs not a darn penny. my wife told me once, we have a bunch of coins lying around yet I go out just to look some more loose change! and she threw a couple of coins in the yard and said go and find those so when you come back you have something worth your effort and not bringing trash (she mean those pull tabs).

yes i am one of those newbie who have yet to find a haul worth dancing. Tebowing.
I wont give up! I will find my first Rosey or that Indie cent... : )
To you newbies out there, I would suggest finding a hunting buddy as it makes the skunk process a lot more bearable. You guys can chat while you hunt. You can share information. You can provide safety in case of emergencies or confrontations.

The hunting buddy doesn't even have to be a stranger online... it could be a co-worker, wife, son, dad, sibling, local club-member, or even dog! Maybe someone you know has always wanted to metal detect but has never gotten the opportunity.

The only thing worse than you and a friend getting skunked is getting skunked by yourself.
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