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Originally Posted by amc rulz View post
KT that is hilarious, aluminum cans! Well, My wife does a 2-mile walk down our country road if she happens to be bored with the treadmill. I joined her last nite and while we were strolling, I picked up 2 dozen Michigan 10c returnable cans from both sides of the road. Exercise does pay!

I retired last year at 58 and I havenít worked or tapped any investments since then, just some cash reserve. Also, my wife is currently employed.
Thanks for clearing that up, amc rulz! KT retired in 2013 and began living on retirement and 6 months into it, social security started. This year due to age KT was forced to take from His Royal Equivalent of an IRA account for the first time. His Majesty scrimped and lived frugally during the working years, and was very conservative with the Royal Income. Now for some reason, KT has more spendable money than he has ever had, but the years of frugal living keeps KT from going wild. Hard to break the old habit of being frugal, or as the Queen likes to say, "The old King is just cheap!"

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