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Mar 9, 2010
Northern Ca.
Anyone play it? I use some crusty saltwater coins cleaned up to buy a powerball ticket at times. Can't win if you don't play. However I can't lose if I don't play at the same time.:roll:
My sister in law came over last night for a visit with my nephew. She and her husband stopped at a convenience store on the way over and grabbed two 50$ scratch tickets. She ended up hitting 500$.... X50 :shock: I'm too cheap to gamble. Losing money faster than you can earn it is never a good feeling :no: when I go to the casino, I do everything BUT gamble :lol:
I'm in a pool at work - only because I'm too scared to get out of it - because I know if I do, they'll hit the jack pot and I'll be the only one still working there :laughing:

Otherwise I just don't get around to it myself.
Anyone play it? I use some crusty saltwater coins cleaned up to buy a powerball ticket at times. Can't win if you don't play. However I can't lose if I don't play at the same time.:roll:
It's kinda like that guy who goes abalone diving and a great white comes by and leaves with his head :shock: or the person who get's hit by lightning, or the unlucky chap a Naegleria fowleri climbs up their nose in the lake one day.... but in a whole lot better of a way though - I can't lie - it's tempting and once in a while if I'm not too lazy I might go in and get a $1 scratcher, or a Super Lotto ticket - I'm cheap and $1 is my max though.
I play the lottery. You see I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t go to bars or restaurants, I don’t do much of anything that cost much. That is of course, except for metal detecting. And that really doesn’t cost much in the big picture. I have never won anything of any consequence. But I do know a number of people who have hit big. Including guy who used to work for me hit in the multi million dollar lottery. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I’ll buy a few tickets so that way I keep feeling down.
I have on occasion bought one of those $1 quick pick tickets. I wouldn't spend more than that, because the odds of winning the jackpot are so astronomically low, that it wouldn't make any relevant mathematical difference if I bought 1 ticket or 1000 tickets. Put it this way, in one of the games where you choose your numbers (let's say 6 numbers), no one would choose the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6. They would say, "Those numbers would never come up". Yet, those numbers have the same mathematical odds of coming as any other combination of 6 numbers. Just as 10,14,21,29,31,39 have the same odds of coming up as any other 6 numbers.

"I won $100 in the lottery!!!!"

Ya, but you lost $10,000 in all the years you played it :D
Not the last Mega million drawing but the one before that I purchased $20 in tickets. The following morning when I checked my tickets in my car I noticed I had 3 balls out of 5 regular balls and the mega million ball. I was shaking as I ran in the house to tell my girlfriend thinking I hit it big, turned out to be $200 when I checked the prizes online. One more regular ball would have given me $10,000.
I jammed a $20 into the machine every now and then to live a dream, so far, its still a dream, but if I win, detectors for all of you!!!!
I won the lottery when I met my wife over 40 years ago. How many times can I man be expected to win
Amen to that me brodda. That was my best gamble as well.
I don't gamble. Oh yeah, I'll fall off the wagon and buy a mega mill ticket when the pot hits a billion, but other than that I have other better things to do with my money. But that is just me.
Many years ago I Told the guy at the store I go to if I win I will think of you. I won’t give you anything but I will think of you. 😏 he got a good laugh from that. Sadly I never got the chance to prove it.
I don’t buy them for myself. But I have been buying a hundred or more scratch off a year. I give them away at Christmas. They really are a scam! In over 40 years of doing this the best I have ever given away was $50.00.

To me every time I get that good beep it’s like scratching off a ticket.
The state lottery and power ball/mega millions maybe a few times a year, probably no more than $30-$40 per year. But when the local fire department or other local non-profit has a cash bash or gun bash I'll usually drop $100 or so per event. Maybe 3-4 per year. They usually have free food and the money is going into the local community so I think its worth it. I broke even a few times and won $1,000 a few years ago. It paid half cash and half in local restaurant gifts cards. I ate good that year!
I worked with a guy many years ago who never bought anyone a coffee. He was okay with guys buying coffee but he never did. We went our separate ways and years later I heard he won the lottery for many millions. So he stayed with the company he was working for another year. I met a guy that worked with him a few years later. he made the Comment that in all the years the guy worked there he never bought anyone a coffee. And after winning and staying on for a year he still never bought coffee for anyone.
At least he was consistent cheap But consistent.
My quick story. My buddy Ron loved to gamble and a problem. Every sport, every lottery, cards you name it, he gambled. And a girl problem. His problem was he was 45, 5'8" close to 400 lbs, bald and never been married. SOB hits on a 11M lottery ticket. Took the lump. It was great for him, bought a lake house, boats, box seats at all the local teams, drinks for everyone. Knocks up his hair dresser, 2 years later paying alimony and child support.

We still hang out but he doesn't gamble anymore.

Mark in MIchigan
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