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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
yep, down here in the Royal Realm there is talk by the weathermen of the possibility of heavy rain and tornados starting at noon on Wednesday, but ending by 6 is supposed to blow through here quickly. Maybe it will rain itself out before it gets to ya over in Tennessee! Best of luck there, Pennyfinder! KT finally got started CRHing again, so today His Majesty sat around and watched some half dollar CRHing on YouTube...kinda boring not doing it Himself!
Hi KT! Thanks! I hope we don't get too severe of weather. I don't like storms but at least it's in the daytime. I hate it when we're under tornado watches at night when it's dark out and can't see anything. At least I'm on the bottom floor of a three-story building. Plenty of hallways to get into that have block walls in them with no windows if it gets too bad! and my bathroom is an interior room and me and my dogs can certainly get in the bathtub if we have to I have cages for both of them.

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