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Originally Posted by BuscaPlata View post
Awesome! Cool collection of rings, congrats!
Thanks BuscaPlata.....

Originally Posted by CS1 View post
Very nice display of rings.
Thank you.....

Originally Posted by cellrdwellr View post
Definitely some nice looking sterling in there. Very cool!
Thanks Jeff.....

Originally Posted by Ron 71 View post
Thatís a great looking display and a lot of fantastic sterling rings!
Claddagh rings are the most common of my sterling finds as well, I really hope to find a gold one someday.
Thanks Ron.....Good luck in your quest for a gold Claddagh. I've only found one of them but I've sold all the gold rings I've ever found including the Claddagh. I found it in a park in Quincy, Mass. back in the late 1980's with my old White's 6000di.

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