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Originally Posted by Txdirtfisher View post
I've said many times before and will say it again the Propointer is for Pinpointing not shoving into the dirt and using as a Digging or dirt pushing tool , even though they say it has a scraping blade built on it Common sense tells you to use it as it is made for , not saying you abused it just stating it is a pinpointer not a pry-bar or dirt pushing tool Hope they fix it for you but who knows!!!
Thanks Dirtfisher, your point about scraping blade is very good, why Garrett made it? From what I can see coil absolutely cant hold banding--very fragile, another issue that coil in case sitting glued with some sort plastic black glue, similar feeling like hot glue, but coils in different Pro Pointers glued differently, one side more glue around coil in another not much... so logicaly thinking from one side pro pointer coil is less protected than another and can brake much more faster. European repair center said its not Garrett problem... and coil cost 33Euro! This is made me mad... Hope US Garrett will sort this misunderstanding...
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