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Originally Posted by bowwinkles View post
Music is a bit rough but the message is cool.
After watching some of the video I had to turn the sound all the way down as I really couldn't understand most of the words and the music was too much like noise to me but I did enjoy seeing those trail camera pics, thanks !

I put a new trail camera out a few weeks back near the edge of our property that faces into the woods that go back for miles, about ready to check the footage again soon, the first collection of video clips had deer, birds, rabbits, what I think are foxes, and I think I remember a cat. (not sure if I remember seeing squirrels on that side of our property though, the squirrels seem to prefer the trees on the other side of our property in the front yard)

In the past with my old trail camera (that stopped working) I think I caught pics of coyotes if I remember correctly, I have very very occasionally heard coyote "yips" at night in the distance but I think they usually keep their distance most of the time. I'll have to post some of the more interesting trail camera clips later on when I have a chance to glance thru the newest footage.

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