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Feb 18, 2023
Took a trip this weekend with the family no metal detectingšŸ¤ but i went to Fort Ticonderoga had a great time. My friends son is really into the our colonial history so i got him a reproduction of The Declaration of Independence with a feather pen and Ink bottle. I gave it to his Dad today at work and we start talking about my trip and he says how far is Saratoga from Lake George? I said i dont know maybe 40 mins. He said oh thats not bad my grandmother lives up there on a old farm shes got a couple of acres. šŸ¤” I said James ask her if I can metal detect the property? He said ok i will call her later. Than he says theres probly stuff there she was gardening once and found a few old French coins from the 1700s. I will post a update if i land the permission wish me luck.
I am in. Look like a October Hunt! I cant wait to get up there. I will post a update in a few weeks thanks.
Good luck
Sounds promising if there where coin found by eye. I would think you should find something with a metal detector. But be careful not to get your expectations to high.
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