Two dimes, two firsts.......

John Madill

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Oct 28, 2020
This afternoon i was out running errands with my wife. i had two hundred dollars in my wallet and a planned trip to the metal detecting store this weekend. Visions of a new coil danced in my head.

Then she said "do you have a hundred dollars in your wallet?"

A short clumsy silence and a muttered "yes".

"Well we have to deposit it into the checking account."

Drat. Well i chose a branch with a coin star machine. After i made the deposit i started across the lobby toward the machine.

Halfway there i could see multiple coins in the reject tray. Got there and found 3 quarters and a dime. The quarters were all clad, not sure why they were rejected. The dime was very shiny too and i assumed clad. then i checked the date.... 1964 Bingo!

that was the first silver i have found in a change machine.

Then i took my wife home and went off to a park because the sun was shining. Still in the upper 40's but too nice to stay home.

I searched an old park where i have yet to find anything although it is a very old park. Found a few bottle caps with the XpDeus.

Then i headed to another park nearby and took out my new Nokta Score. I bought it last week and had not taken it to a park yet.

And the machine found its first coin, another dime. Clad but i'll take it.

Bought it because i wanted something waterproof for Lake Michigan. I have a water kit for the Deus but honestly it is not very user friendly and you are relying on a zip lock bag to protect your control box.

And when i got home there was $100 waiting for me on the end table. it is rare this money is returned so the dream of a possible new coil is still alive!
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