Tungsten Rings

First, welcome to the forum. As far as the tungsten rings, about the only thing you could do with one is wear it. Not trying to be a smarty but due to the fact it is extremely brittle and very hard you be limited.
I've found about 20 Tungsten Carbide rings, while water hunting this past summer. Before that, I never knew they even existed.

TC rings are now the trend. The typical gold and silver rings that we normally associate as "rings", are quickly going the way of the dodo. Reason being, those typical rings are now lame, cliche, and kind of ugly compared to the uniqueness, beauty, and low cost of TC rings.

TC rings can also have diamonds and precious metal inlays. Regular TC rings can be as cheap as a few dollars, or be worth hundreds of dollars if it's a name brand. For example, "Triton" is a name brand TC ring. Triton is like the Cartier of TC rings.

I have a no grass area in my backyard that I bury those rings in, along with coins and a bunch of trash. When my grandsons come to visit, I give them my detector and pinpointer and let them have at it. They love it :)
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I had a few my mother gave me from a Facebook page she was on. Brand new with the tags on them, a few hundred dollars retail. I had a hard time selling them for more than shipping costs, so I gave them to the kids :lol:
I put them in with the rest of my ring collection, but if you sell them they aren't hard to sell. They generally look good and finding the ring buyer is the key.

I have about 7 Tungsten rings but I display them.

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