the hunt was seeded but lots of fun

John Madill

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Oct 28, 2020
Had a fun time at a hunt today in Benton Harbor, Mi. It was put on by the West Michigan Detectors Club and about 2 dozen hopeful hunters from as far as Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Grand Rapids made the trek.

Sure, it is fish in a barrel hunting but it is fun to be in the company of like-minded people to share stories, compare equipment, and have lunch.

Thirty bucks delivers a great picnic lunch, puts you in a field of treasure, and eligible for so many door prizes.

I scored lots of coins, many i had never seen before, and three door prizes. A half pound bar of copper, an inexpensive detector my grandson will love, and a giant White's Metal Detector banner that would look great in any man cave.

Just posting this for those that have never taken part in one to let them know it can be a lot of fun.
Very nice and a fun time for sure! Those silvers (at melt) pretty much add up to your entrance fee! Plus you got lunch and some cool prizes!
That does look like a blast for sure. Sadly, I have never been to one. Group unseeded hunts yes, but never seeded. You did awesome. Congrats :waytogo:
probably the only way I would ever find that many silvers. I wonder how many coins are left in the area after the hunt?
Last Octobers Massachusetts treasure hunters' associations seeded hunt I found one of the two gold coins in the final hunt. Had a great time going to their hunt over the years. They do a great job, and great to meet new people and see many detectors and other gizmos. I go to have fun and meet people as I hunt alone and don't have much contact otherwise.
Yep seeded hunts are definitely a good time. Have not won a gold coin yet, but I did win a couple detectors in the past. I met the guy above me at one. Look out for him, he finds all the good stuff :lol:
When I went to my first got started in this hobby, the whole seeded-hunt thing sounded so odd to me (remember, I've only been doing this since this past March). I only heard about seeded hunts when I went to my first paid "natural" hunt, and thought why would someone do that. Well, I get it now. 😄

Great finds. VMC. And that copper bar is a cool item to have. 👍
probably the only way I would ever find that many silvers. I wonder how many coins are left in the area after the hunt?
The gentleman that organized the hunt, John Dudley, tracks what is dispersed into the tall grass and what is recovered. There were a handful of wheat and Indian head pennies, a silver quarter, a buffalo nickel and about 8 tokens unaccounted for.
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