Strange Embossing on Bottle


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Jul 13, 2022
I found this embossed bottle, a 13oz beer or soda shaped bottle which wasn't machine made. What's odd about it is that it is embossed "Property Of Tom Dowling Corning NY". The embossing on all the other bottles I've found indicate what was in the bottle. Has anyone else come across a "Property Of" bottles?


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I think I have some 20s-30s deco sodas that say "property of" on them. I've seen milk bottles with it too. Not really that unusual. Probably just what Dowling happened to want on their bottles. Maybe they had other bottlers stealing their other plainer ones, who knows. Lots of sodas and milks will have the company's initials on the bottoms (for easy identification in the cases) and also to help thwart theft by other bottlers.
Corning NY is partially famous for the Corning Glass works. I guess it wouldn't be too unusual for someone in that area to try and claim / patent a particular design with their name. In nearby Syracuse, NY there still today is a place named the Dowling Center for the Arts that may be related?? Link to the Corning Museum of Glass All that being said a cool bottle for sure!
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