Silvery Pocket Spill


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May 25, 2014
Minot, ND
Went out looking for some old farmstead permissions this morning. I got permission for what I thought was going to be a good one last night and there wasn't hardly a signal in the ground so I moved on.
I went driving around east of Ryder, ND and came across one that looked promising. Had to have been early 1900's. The grass was long but is still lying down from being flattened by the snow.
At first I was starting to worry this place had been detected as well until I popped out a 1960 Canadian quarter. That brought a little hope back and than I got another high tone within a foot....a 1964-D Washington. Then within the same small area I popped a later wheat and than another high tone.....another 1964-D Washington! One more later wheat capped off what I'm sure was a spill and that is all the place had for me. It was my second outing for the year and I'm already at 4 silvers....I'll take it! Ground is still frozen in some places, half frozen in others and thawed in others so it won't be too long before I can quit worrying about bending my shovel.
On a side note, there was a neat OLD organ in the house that I got a picture of. Nice to see no one has stolen it yet.


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That is one cool looking house :wow: And the coins look sharp! Nice hunting TP!
Thanks GS! There are tons of houses like that in ND....and most of them I wouldn't step foot in for fear of having it fall in on me. It was quite windy that day and I was even a little hesitant to detect on the side away from the wind judging by the poor state of the foundation. I was hoping for older stuff being that house was probably built around 1905 but I was pretty excited about the 3 quarters I complaints here!
Sweet! Don't find Canadian silver very often. Congrats on the shiny spill. Now you go back, but if ya hear piano music, RUN!! :jawdrop::rofl2:
šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ Thanks hoser! If I hear that piano playing I'm packing up and leaving! There is still one high tone, quarter-like, in the side yard I couldn't get out because it was in the shaded side of the house and the ground was still froze up solid. I'll be going back to see what it was
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