Rev war military item ?


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Apr 16, 2024
Dug this up in Southern NJ . Context was coins dated 1795/8 . Do you know what this is ? Pic close to actual size ; its not large , 2 -1/2" long . Real gold . Acorn/oak motif seems very English . Would love to hear all your thoughts and best guesses . Thanks


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Wish i could . Its at my brothers house in Jersey. Very sorry i dont have access right now . Im 3 hrs away . I'll tell him to send better pics to me . Im really baffled though ; like what the heck would it BE ?
What's the other ends look like? possible pocket watch winder?
I asked him to send better pics . Its not at my house but 200 miles away . I really appreciate your reply . Doing what i can to get better info
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