One more morning at the old park


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Feb 28, 2006
Up at 4 this a.m. to get the day's run out of the way and be at the old park by sun-up . In that neighborhood it pays to get your detecting done while the locals are still sleeping it off . The park was opened in the 20's and for 40 years was the only park for a city of 40,000 . I'm sure it was an absolute silver mine for the first MD'ers to harvest it's treasures .I first detected there in the early 80's and it had already been picked pretty clean ; those 1960's vintage detectors must have been pretty good because they sure didn't leave much behind . I'd found an 1898 I.H. and 4 very deep mercs over the years , but not much else . Three hours this morning produced 3 memmies and I was ready to head for the truck and call it a day...then I remembered somebody saying " get off the beaten path and search the hard to get to places ." Under a large bush I found a razor blade ( probably discarded by one of the locals after an assault ) and a wheatie that someone had gone to the trouble to hammer out...of course there was no leaving now !..if they'd missed a wheatie they might have missed another merc. , or a barber, or maybe even a seated liberty ( don't know if they were still around in the 20's )...3 more hours under the equitorial sun yielded 33 memmies, 2 dimes , 2 quarters , 2 more wheaties , and an elaborate decoding device ( even more advanced than the one Ralphie had in " A Christmas Story ) silver once again, but all in all an enjoyable day despite the 3rd degree burn on the back of my neck , courtesy of 'Ol Sol . Might just head back tomorrow.. HH Roadruner_426
Might have to keep going over it again and again?! Good haul!
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