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Grady Loomis

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Nov 17, 2023
Looking for fellow metal detecting enthusiasts in Missoula. If you have a spot and wouldn't mind some company or want to research some places together, let me know!
Hi Grady, I live south of you in Hamilton and have done a fair amount of detecting in Missoula. The curb strips are pretty hammered there by lots of guys, heck, I've gone over most of them for the last 6 years and did manage to pull some silvers and other old coins that folks before me had missed. Missoula Parks have an odd reg about detecting in parks... no digging allowed - surface finds only. One of the few cities / towns in Montana that discourages detecting. I think a private permission from a homeowner of an older home might be your best bet. What detector are you using?
Hi LovestheShiny,
I did get a hold of the city and encounter all the public issues you spoke of :/. Can you tell me more about curb strips? I'm still very novice to the field, having hit up some more remote areas. Are we allowed to just hit the little green curb strips and dig them?
I've got a garrett ACE 400. My biggest haul was from near a fishing access. Once I gave up the rubble/stick wash up area and hit the sand, I found a few coins and lures. I'd looove to find some silver some day.
Hi Grady, yes, that strip of grass between the sidewalk and street is what we call the boulevard, the curb strip, the parking strip etc. They are public property and it is ok to detect them. Some homeowners think that is their property but it is not, I've had the Missoula Police drive by and never a problem for detecting there. To help make things go OK with the nearby homeowner, I always go up and knock on the door to make sure they are cool with me detecting out there. I also use that opportunity to ask permission to detect their front yard. I would think detecting where folks go floating on the Big Blackfoot and Clark Fork River might get you some silver or gold rings and some old coins.
I'll give those a shot.. shoot I may even try some of that "surface" detecting. I appreciate your suggestions. it's an affirmation that it's okay to just go out and give it a go, regardless of spectators.
Yes, it is OK, just be prepared that if you don't do a courtesy check with the homeowner of that adjacent yard, you may run into the unpleasant person who may give you a hassle.
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