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Mar 18, 2011
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appeared in the Royal Mailbox this morning! A total of 22! 19 minty fresh 64 Kens and 3 well worn but happy Walkers. Everyone was smiling as KT brought them in. Now the ladies were looking for the Ladies room to freshen up a bit, but KT sent them on to the Royal Baths and directed the Royal Laundry to clean and press their clothes so now they are really looking nice! KT treated them all to a Royal Luncheon, thanks to the active kitchen staff, and they each introduced themselves to His Majesty. The 3 happy widows were very glad their journey was over and the Kens were curious about KT's Royal Kingdom, and asked many questions. The men were of mixed background, some from the countryside and others from the city, but they had all been well known in their area. Some were Southerners, others from the Midwest, and a few from both the East and West Coasts, but they all were getting along together very well! And KT is very happy to have them join the Royal Treasury!

KT managed to get them organized enough to get a group picture! Enjoy the results!


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Hoser, I read in your tag that you will stop detecting when they run out of dirt!......His Majesty will add, He thought the same thing until the Royal Knees said, enuff of this! HA HA Then KT was forced to listen, especially after having to crawl across a Totlot to get to a ladder so He could pull His Royal Self up, back to vertical! LOL
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