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Dec 19, 2022
I asked Chat GPT for a Lions win poem for grins and giggles and here is what it gave me....

In Detroit's den, where lions roar, A team of heart, we can't ignore. On the field, they chase the dream, In Honolulu blue, a winning gleam.

With every pass, a touchdown dance, In Lions' pride, we find romance. Roaring cheers, the fans unite, As victory unfolds in the twilight.

Through tackles tough and yards gained, Detroit's glory, forever sustained. May the Lions roar, may they soar, In triumph's embrace, forevermore.

I know I'm drinking the blue Kool-Aid.

Mark in Michigan
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LOL, but what else was in your blue Kool Aid ? :D :excited::lol: I got ya Mark, it is nice when you hear the Lions name is for something other than breaking a bad record.
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Can we beat S.F. and end this? Heck yes and let's guzzle the Kool aide! Odds have us at 25% chance to win and get to the Super Bowl. Best odds we lions' fans have ever had, woot!
You other folks have No idea what we Lions fans have been through forever. Finally a team worth watching, it's been painful to say the least. Our team has never won a super bowl, so many close calls and heartbreaking losses. The search for a franchise quarterback has been an ongoing storyline for the Lions. Competing in a tough division with rivalries against teams like the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears make it even tougher.

The journey of a Lions fan is filled with ups and downs, making the victories even sweeter when they come. I am done raving about this team, I would love to see them in a Super Bowl, this may be the year.

Mark in Michigan
Mark, don't be done raving! Just read that the lions/Bucs game had the most viewers in a NFL playoff game in 30 years, people love an underdog and our lions are certainly that and Lions nation is routing for them, including NFL fans who want to see new blood in the bowl. Read that teams like Rams and Bucs saying that Ford field is so loud it shakes and really impeads their play calling. Year after year, thanksgiving after thanksgiving lions gave us heartburn after turkey dinners, (except when Barry was here). Two GOAT players Barry and Megatron both retired early because they were sick of losing. I still remember when, 90s coach Wayne Fontes boasted his biggest achievement in not being fired?!!! after winning a playoff game, saying...."the buck is in the woods", can't fire me now, who does that, front page of the Detroit Free Press, lol, only here. omg. Finally, culture has changed, a younger Ford owner, a GM whose seeking hungry players, keep your marquis guys, we'll pass first then open up our running game, unorthodox. A coach both smart and gutsy as well. Regardless of the outcome of S.F. game, this team did "restore the roar". They're on the right track.
I would like to see the Lions win for the sole reason that they are the only team in the playoffs never to have been in a Superbowl.

Rub it in...joking for sure. The Lions have for my entire life have been worse than so so. Years of NOT watching them play. I was Lions free. The entire area is really hopped up and it's fun around here for a change, everyone has a "look at us not being bottom feeders" mentality. 49's are good, I thinking GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Mark in Michigan
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