Joyful JUNE....


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Nov 21, 2010
East Tennessee
Well been a busy month with Dr. Appts. PT appts. between the husband and myself. Started with landing in the ER Memorial Day weekend with extremely high blood pressure. I seriously thought I'd never have that but I do so I am now on BP meds. Ugh. Anyhow it was a pretty amazing month especially for the gold. The first picture is the "non" precious metals. Just some neat stuff for next to nothing. The second picture shows the sterling I found. The bracelet is an incredible find, I wasn't completely certain it was silver till I found the tiny hallmark. About 7 rings which is impressive to find those out there. Next are the gold finds. There are 6 rings pictured here but the one solitaire (pictured later) I had made from a .50 carat diamond pendant I found at the local flea market. ( $15 for that and some of the finds in first picture) The necklace did not have the Masons fob, that was my grandfathers. But the necklace is 18kt. and I got that for $10. The rose gold ring is the one I found last month MDing and had the ugly butt diamond taken out and put in a Moissanite. Its absolutely stunning. The next is an old 40s lab ruby, you can't really see but the table of the ring (that's the top) is almost the entire top of ring, (very flat) very odd but super cool and nothing I have ever see before. MUCH prettier in person. The blue topaz I got lucky and found at a place I go maybe once a month (deals in jewelry) cause its a bit far. That folks was $5 bucks, how they missed that I'll never know. That's 3 gold from this place. I picked up a bunch of stones at a pawn shop and a few are worth a pretty good price. I have some other stones that I'll post in another thread that you must see, truly remarkable. There is probably more, oh yeah like the salesmen sample dresser I got for $4. I guess they thought it was a jeweler box. Have a great weekend and stay safe out there!


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