How many D2's and Manticores bought yesterday?

Sold my D2, just could not take any more of that noisy Mother-in-law.
The Manticore and Equinox are close enough that I feel no need to upgrade for beach hunting right now. In fact we just completed three days of head-to-head testing in wet sand and moving water. :cool3:
It appears that Garretts filters are right on the screen.

Some need to push the limits. Some like to tweak, I get that.

What do those “presets” on the D2 and Manticore do? Nobody really knows unless you have direct ties with the factory. When does one filter act against the other?

If you need to push the limits, you need to do a lot of testing with only vague documentation.

I’m done with that ambiguity game. I need facts to deal with.

But I might be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire …
The "presets" for all detectors, including the old White, Teknetics, and so on, are just the starting points for new detector users. In the past all we had were marks and number around the dial buttons to tell you where on the marks to stop before using the detector. Those were the factory presets in analog detectors. The same for the factory presents of new detectors. There are there to tell you a starting point as a beginner. The rest is found in the manual, and soon enough as you start learning about your detector you start exploring the capabilities of your detector by "tweeting" the settings of each of the presets you choose for your ground conditions. In the past the manual came with the detector, just a very few pages (just look at the manual of the Gold Bug II, for example). But nowadays the manual has to be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, and it is comprised of quite a lot of 8 x 11-inch "pdf" and other digital-format pages :)
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