Help identifying these 3 items


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Jun 10, 2024
Hi everyone! I've been metal detecting for about 2 and a half years now. Usually if I can't figure out what it is I've found I'll try to Google it, but I just recently found this forum so I figured why not just try asking here :grin:. I Googled these finds, and I think I might have an idea what they are but I'm not sure and could be completely wrong! Haha! :grin: All of these were found near an old barn site in South Carolina outside of the Columbia area.

This is item #1. I am guessing possibly a key hole maybe of some sort? Again not sure. Has a bend in it and isn't flat. Not sure what it could have came off of.

Item #2: Maybe a weight of some sort??? It has quite a bit of weight to it like a fishing weight, but not sure what kind of weight it would be if it is one.

And lastly #3. I Googled and Googled this one and something that came close to it was an ox knob maybe??? It has 3 holes in it. One on each end and a small one on the side. It's also threaded on the inside.


Thanks for any help! :)


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First one is what has been called a key shield for a chest or wooden cabinet the wood around the keyhole from becoming damaged overtime inserting a key, second one I agree a weight of some sort, and #3 yep an ox knob. Cool finds. Well done.
That's what I was thinking as well that it was possibly from an old chest or something. Thanks so much! :grin:
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