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Apr 21, 2008
north Mississippi
man It's good to be back! I was only here about 3 months when the forum was hacked. anyway. I had purchased a used prizm back in december 07 and quickly outgrew it so I upgraded to a DFX which I have had for a little over 2 weeks. well, last week while visiting a park built in the 30's I found my first silver. I wish I could say I found it with the DFX but actually I was working my way around a large tree and was watching the ground and actually saw the 1943 winged dime staring up at me before I swung over it. I dont think it was a recent drop, the only thing I can figure is the tree roots pushed it up out of the ground?? I definately have the bug and I cant wait to find my first silver washington!!
Welcome back, mrh! Congratulations on the DFX. It is a fine machine, and you will no doubt enjoy and have much fun with it.
good work, being aware of what is on the ground is part of the deal for me, excellent find even if you didnt swing over it proper it is still a great metal detecting find.....that is known as an ''eyeball find'' ....great Job

welcome to the forum , the DFX is a great machine . HH and best of luck . Dan
As long as your detector was in your hand, I would count it as a detector find. :D
I'm sure you will be finding some with the DFX also.
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