First school ring!

Congrats on your first classring. What kind of weight does it have? And of course a pic is always good :grin: Keep at it and HH
Pics or it didn't happen... :D


Post pictures of everything and sometimes it is claimed by someone else. Ask me how I know about that. :grin:

Nice finds on the class ring and your first gold. Keeping it to yourself is fine with me and safer for you.
Congrats on your first! :yes: Go ahead and show us the pic.....I did! ;) :lol:


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The solution is simple: Merely give me the gold ring, and I will make sure it gets to the proper authority and owner.

Any other questions ? :shrug:
Don't you read other posts Tom? This thread is 12 years old.... that ring already melted :laughing:We told him when he found it a true pirate doesn't look for the owner :crazy:
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