FAT 14k in the scoop!


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Jul 17, 2010
North Georgia, U.S.A.
Hunted a local lake with the Legend until the crowd started arriving. Didn't find much in the swimming area except for 28 cents, some foil and then the fat 14k ring! It rang up as a 38-39 and was surprised to see it in the bottom of my new to me Sunspot 720i, weighs in at 10.1 grams. Sunglasses were an eyeball find.


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Good work, seeing that glint of gold in the scoop when you first bring it up is what keeps us interested in this hobby. Me, I usually have to sift some sand out or poke through a bunch of shells before it reveals itself....then....AHAAA! YES!

(unless it's plated...then...dang it!)
Congrats on the gold , can you comment on the Legend , a buddy of mine is going to get one , anything good , anything bad ?
Thanks Earl! My first machine from Nokta Makro was the Simplex+, I got it due to it's price and it being waterproof. I wanted it for hunting freshwater swimming areas because I didn't want to submerge my Equinox 800 due to flooding issues. When the Legend came out, being multi-frequency, I upgraded so I would also have a back-up for saltwater beaches. The Legend has been a great machine for the price, I've had no issues with it. I'm running update 1.11 and have no performance issues. The Legend has paid for itself multiple times.
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