a couple more dimes


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Nov 26, 2013
western ny
Been out hunting quite a bit this year , compared to last year anyway. Looking back at my finds last year I believe my first silver wasn't til mid March . So I guess I can't complain about having ten silvers at this point this year.
I've basically just been hammering the parks and somehow squeaking out some low tones and an occasional dime. Only one of my coins was the result of a permission on a yard.

We're at the point now where everyone's lawns are super saturated and its a bit hard to expect someone to allow you to dig in their lawn and keep it neat.
Anyway.......I tried to get on an old lot that once stood a one room school house . But keep missing the contact person. I have made 6 trips to try to catch the land owner.....I'll get him someday....
Not a whole lot to show , but I keep grinding away.
10 silver dimes fty.:)
Happy hunting everyone.


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Good job. Silver is silver. I wish I had more time to hunt myself, this work thing is really doing a number on that but I guess I can't complain.
Congratulations on the silver, I’ve been hunting small woods lately. All this rain here in Indiana is crazy. We got 2 inches in a day. Happy Hunting
Outstanding! In my opinion the Barber coins are by far better looking than newer coins. But when it's silver, I'll definitely take it. Good bad or ugly. :rofl2: Well done.
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