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Welcome to the Friendly Metal Detecting Forums

The purpose of this forum is to create a "relaxed, friendly" atmosphere to discuss our favorite hobby of metal detecting. If you are a new member, please introduce yourself by posting in the General Hobby Discussion Forum. reserves the right to remove/edit any posts it finds unsuitable, unfriendly, or controversial
If you leave the forum for any reason, the owners, (Vlad and Carol K) reserve the right to decide whether or not deleting your posts and account will damage the forum. If so, your threads, posts, and account will not be deleted.

Attention! The FMDF is an English speaking forum. Please post in English for the convenience of the other members.

By registering at the community, you agree to the following rules.

1. Keep Posts in Good Taste and Respect Others
- This is a family friendly forum. Do not post rude, distasteful, obscene, violent, abusive, harassing or intimidating messages, pictures or links.
- Do not post offensive, suggestive, sexual, or drug related finds.
- Posts that disrupt the friendly flow of the forum will be deleted.
- If you are offended by a post or image, contact an Administrator or Super Moderator.

"Disrespect/arguing with the staff or forum members via PM's or Posts will not be tolerated."

2. No Politics, Religion, Sex, or Drugs
- Discussions of politics and religion inevitably lead to arguments, so they are best left to other political and religious forums on the web.
- No racial, ethnic, gender, discriminatory, or religiously derogatory comments, not even in jest, are allowed.
- Sexual innuendos, advances, or "hitting" on another member via posts or PM's will NOT be tolerated.
- No posting pictures of illegal/prescription drugs and/or paraphernalia..... or talking about/ insinuating drug use.

3. Constructive Posts vs. Bashing
- Constructive dialog about dealers and/or detectors is allowed, but the bashing of either is not permitted.
- Rants and rudeness, cause tension for everyone involved. Please attempt to remedy your problem with members/sponsors via PMs.
- When threads/posts become offensive or get reported, we will close them, or remove/edit the offending comments, and possibly delete the entire thread if necessary.
- Troublemakers/trolls/spammers have no place on this forum and will be dealt with as the staff see fit. Administrative Suspensions and banning is enforced.

4. No Advertising Allowed
- Do not advertise in your posts, Visitor Messages, or Private Messages.
- Links to your business/website found in posts, will be removed.
- No URL's are allowed in the Signature without permission. No advertising in your signature. (We prefer you use your sig for finds count, your detectors, or a friendly quote)
- Abuse of the Private Messaging System will cause your removal from the forum.
- No donation or solicitation threads unless they are sponsored by the forum.

5. Promoting a Metal Detecting Website/Blog/Product
- FMDF is not a "free for all" to help businesses and individuals promote a website, or to make money.
- If you have a hobby related website/blog or product, you are allowed to create one thread in the Member Links Forum.
- If you have a metal detecting business, consider becoming a forum sponsor. Send "Vlad" a message if interested.
- Sponsors are responsible for their sales and customer service.

6. Creating New Threads
- When you post a new thread, please give us some idea of it's content in the title. Thread titles like "HELP!!!" or "Check this out!" are not helpful and make no sense.
- Don't create the same thread in multiple forums, we only need to see it once.
- If you start a new thread in the wrong forum, it will be moved to the correct forum, and you may/may not be notified about it.
- Creating posts/new threads that only contain a URL to an offsite video is considered spam. Please include what your video/story is about. Beginning May 1st, 2017, empty YouTube video posts will be merged with the YouTube thread in Member Links.
- Posts written in all caps are annoying, hard to read, and loud.

7. Contests and Polls
- The forum owners, administrators, and moderators will not be held responsible for contests being held by members on the forum.
- We do not encourage contests or endorse them, and will not be held liable for the outcomes.
- Do not post complaints and dissatisfaction in the results of Member Contests. If there are disputes, please contact the member that started the contest.
- Please do not post links to other websites/YouTube Channels that are holding contests.
- Contests must be "self-contained" and not lead members off the forum to participate in the contest, or to win a prize.
- NO RAFFLES will be allowed on the forum.
- Contests should not require the participants to have to spend money.
- Contests and Polls must have approval of an Administrator before creation. Please PM us with your ideas

8. Classifieds
- Sellers/Traders/Auctioneers will need to have been members for six months and have logged 200 significant posts before they can use the classifieds
- Do not post a link to outside auctions or For Sale items such as eBay, Craigslist or items listed on other websites, etc.
- Items For Sale in the Classifieds must have a price listed, or please use the auction forum.
- Please edit your title and mark your item [B]SOLD[/B] or [B]ENDED[/B] after the auction/sale. (temporarily not working)
- KNOW and RESEARCH who you are dealing with, and BEWARE of scammers! Use at your own risk!
- NOTE: Firearms, ammo, and related items are not to be sold/traded/auctioned on this forum.


Please message the Forum Administrators or Super Moderators with any questions or issues.

1.The owners of and its agents, will not be held responsible for the content and/or photos posted on this board. It is the sole responsibility of the members to ensure that the material they post is not the property of, or copyrighted by others.

Deleting Your Account
2. reserves the right to remove any posts it finds unsuitable and if you leave the forum for any reason, the Owners, (Vlad and Carol) reserves the right to decide whether or not deleting your posts and account will damage the forum. If so, your threads, posts, account will not be deleted.

Privacy Policy
3. This is a public forum, and any information you post here is visible to the public. The forum owners will not email you unless you email them first. The links to other websites posted on the forum are not endorsed by FMDF, and if you click them to leave the Forum, we can not be held responsible for what is on the websites or if anything happens to your computer.

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