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Old 05-26-2022, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Willee View post
With the new light weight battery's now available a Hookah might be the ticket for shallow water diving and metal detecting. Good luck on your adventure and I hope you pay for your equipment first time out.
Thanks Willee! I hope so too!
You have to love a hobby that has the potential to pay for itself.
Originally Posted by Jim53 View post
I have a Nemo and a gas hookah the Nemo regulator makes more noise than the gas.
These are my mods that I did to my detector to work better for me.
I removed the headphone cushions and put velcro hook side on them, they are much louder plus the velcro keeps them in place on my hood, I also did away with the coiled wire on headphones witch reduces the stress of pulling on the headphones.
I added a sifter on my shaft I can take a handful of sand or mud and dump it in for a fast recovery, time is limited on the bottom.
I also have velcro on my shaft where I mount a small knife witch I use to cut fishing line that gets wrapped around your coil it happens a lot.
Those are some great mods Jim, I love the sifter idea and I planned to bring a knife but never even thought of velcroing it to the shaft.
Thanks for the tips!

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