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Welp, I know this post is a bit old, but a while back I was casually MD'ing, then someone came up to me. I'm a kid still (12), so they could talk to me like I was there friend. He was "Did ja find something?" Every time my detector beeped. Even on the false signals. Then I got a good one and started digging. "Did ja fid treasure?" He was literally in touching distance of me. "Woah. Calm down, it's just a penny." "I saw plenty of people here yah know, did you hear the story in the news, robbers robbed the bank and buried all the gold coins here!" I snorted because one, there aren't any gold coins in circulation, and two, there was no robbery in a 100-mile radius. "Yeah, totally." He's tailing me for another 30 minutes. I was like in my head, What the heck dude, not cool. So I do this. "Dude, I'm MD'ing. That's something you do alone. Remember that crazy old guy at the beach swinging a metal stick with a metal frisbee glued on it? That's exactly what this is. I'll be glad to have you dig this target, but that's all." That did the trick, he's happy with the nickel he found and I'm off to my quest of a gold ring. Bam.


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