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Originally Posted by Max houser View post
as a guy who has hearing loss.. I'm happy they caught things quick and the steroids with impaired hearing is not only hard in everyday life, but your hobbies as well... wish you the best... hope you have full recovery...
Thanks so much, Max. I definitely experienced enough during that first week to gain a whole new perspective on the challenges of hearing loss. This entire experience has also brought sharp focus on what's truly important in life and a major appreciation for so many things that regrettably get taken for granted - it's truly life changing, but I've also learned that it's up to me to make it life changing for the better, regardless whether my recovery turns out to be full or partial.

Originally Posted by Foragist View post
Wow, that's rough! Glad to hear there is some recovery happening, and I hope you get at least most of your left side back.
Thanks for posting about the specifics too. This could someday help one of us(or more than one of us).
'grats on the quarter!
Thanks Foragist - me too!! I'm incredibly grateful for the recovery I've had so far, and even more grateful that I continue to gain more each day! Yep, I really felt like it was important to share the story - the more awareness there is out there, the more likely the next person who experiences it will get the prompt care they need! Too many GP doctors and staff are simply unaware of the condition - super common for them to assume it's a standard infection or allergies causing the hearing loss.

Originally Posted by MuddyMo View post
Thanks for sharing. The information you've given may very well make a huge difference in someone's life. Like many my age and work history I know the difficulties of hearing loss. I hope you recover completely.
Thanks MuddyMo, I really appreciate your well wishes! That's the real goal of sharing my story with as many folks as are willing to listen...hopefully it ends up helping someone down the road - and also give them hope that at least partial recovery is possible!


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