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Originally Posted by Metal Pig View post
Jeez, that is really awful, my friend!
As a musician I can't help but really empathize. I hope you are able to regain all you have lost in good time.

I have to ask you something. It's a shot in the dark, but...have you had a COVID vax anytime recently? People report Bell's Paulsy like symptoms with it. That condition is facial and is very near to the ear canal. I have a coworker who had a combination of symptoms 2yrs ago that affected her ear AND gave her some kind of facial paulsy. And she was told it was probably viral in origin. I'm working with her tomorrow and I'll ask her more about it. Oddly enough, another coworker called me at work today to say he was having Bells Paulsy symptoms after a COVID vax. Interestingly, just an obvious truth...both of these coworkers are black. There is alot of variation in how these viruses and vaccines affect different ethnicities. I dont really know if any of this applies to you. I'm just trying to help on a whim.

I wish you the best, and hopefully you are not affected like this for long.

P.S. I just read your story to my wife who is an RN. Her first speculation was Lyme Disease. And now that I think of it I have read that Lyme can cause hearing loss..
Thanks for the sympathy, Metal Pig, and for you and your wife taking the time to read my story. I'm still getting a little bit better each day! Yes, I did actually receive the first dose of Moderna vaccine on March 13, about 10 days prior to onset. My ENT dismissed the vaccine as a causal factor - in fact, he encouraged me to go ahead and get the second dose when it was due, which I did this past Saturday. The Bell's Palsy connection to the vaccines might be interesting though, as SSNHL and Bell's Palsy seem to have some rough similarities...both are largely idiopathic, but may both stem from viral infections, and their symptoms both seem to resolve along the same time scale (though SSNHL damage often becomes permanent). I'll certainly ask about it again when I see the doc on Thursday.

And interesting that your wife mentioned Lyme. There is actually quite a bit in the SSNHL literature that discusses Lyme disease as a possible causal factor in some cases - there was a study published earlier this year that showed 9 out of the 86 SSNHL patients who participated ended up testing positive for antibodies to the bacteria which causes Lyme. Looks like it might be wise for me to request some lab work for Lyme disease.


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