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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
Well, KT thinks the local weathermen in central Arkansas have gone bonkers...we had a little rain today, now they are saying that as soon as it clears out this evening it will start heating up to power up storms later this evening and early morning.

But it has been KT's assumption that cloud cover holds in heat while clearing allows the temps to drop, thus lessening the build up of storms. KT thinks they are so desperate this spring to get some major storms to form, and therefore be in their glory on TV, that they are lying through their teeth.

All His Majesty knows that here in Arkansas if you do not like the weather, give it 24 hours, and it will change! Ha ha!
To all of that, the answer is "that's correct, some times". Clear skies allow radiant heating/cooling from space, instead of being reflected by cloud cover. At night, it cools more, but during the day it warms more (more energy is radiated by the sun than that same area can radiate back out). The real factor is the temperature differential and instability from the encroaching cold front, especially when it meets a mass of warmer moist air that has been collecting heat and building updrafts from daytime heating. But it's the introduced instability that is the hardest to predict, IIRC.

But yeah at some level they're just guessing and hoping.
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