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Originally Posted by goldendreams View post
My causin had one that looked pretty similar , but his was a chinese special and sold it pretty quickly ..i never seen it (just pics) , as he sold it before i could come check it out. Hes pretty cheap and never learns his lesson on pay now or pay later....kinda like my 3 yr old microwave that i have to replace tomoro
Its so funny how its not just a stereotype, china makes th worst CRAPOLA
KT agrees. KT bought a new Chinese scooter years back. 150 cc. Ran it 2 years. During that time one of the headlight bulbs...low beam burnt out. At the dealer they said we do not have that in stock. KT told them research it and find a bulb for me. Got a call a week later, we found one...turned out it was a German a BMW bike! A bit later the drive belt broke, cost His Majesty $50 and a months wait, had to come from China! Sold that sucker when the local dealer went out of business.

Now have a Honda scooter, bought in 2017.. Only 49 cc, but reliable it is! Well established dealer. Drive belt still good, starts every time, runs good, with 4000 miles, KT put a new set of tires on last year. Never a flat, just runs and runs...but paid about twice the price of the Chinese junker, but in 10 years, KT will still be running it! Ha ha

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