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Originally Posted by amc rulz View post
Supposedly, the Federal Reserve is the largest buyer of US debt for several months now, with Japan second and China third.
So basically using currency conjured up out of thin air to pay back debts created out of thin air. So when does the fakery end????
Let me take a stab at it... When certain countries begin taking payments for oil in currencies other than USD, 1 or 2 countries specifically.. And when will that happen? When the cost of crude drops low enough, long enough, to bankrupt them, cause a coup, or prolonged widespread internal conflict.
So what is the solution??? Create orchestrated false flag events to keep the crude prices up... Boats stuck in the Suez (+6%) that would be impossible without help, lighting strikes that blow up entire crude plants (+%3), rebels firing rockets of "unknown" origin at oil refineries and vowing more attacks to come on twitter just before the markets open (+3%)...
Now come to think about it.. There are a few countries that started selling in crude in other currencies.. What happened to them?

Beep and dig

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