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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
Guess what? Looks like the local weathermen went off the handle again, trying to show everyone how important they are!

A whole lot of nothing going on here at 3:30 pm. A check of radar showed KT that there was not even a shower in the SE corner of Arkansas! The Queen just informed KT that there is a tornado warning from Tyler TX to Shreveport LA, but that is 200 miles south of us.

At the least KT got all His Royal Errands done this morning!

Yeah , what's with these folks ?

Remember the old weathermen ( not the militant group, lol ) ? Seems to me their weather forecasts seemed to be more accurate than these new "Meteorologists ".

Why do they call these folks "Meteorologists " anyway ? I have yet to hear one tell of an upcoming meteor showers . That name should be reserved exclusively for folks who take their detectors and go out to some God forsaken place to look for meteors . I used to miss an occasional hunt due to their miscalculations , now I pay them no mind , heck my detectors waterproof !

I'm glad to hear his Majesty was able to get his Royal errands done .

Just curious , is the rumor true that Harry and Megan want to join your Royal family ?
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