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I had a 3 year old boy at the beach who was totally enamored with what i was doing, and asking some pretty intelligent questions for his age. I usually go out of my way for kids whenever I can. This kid wanted to try it, so I put the headphones on him as Mom smiled and watched from her blanket. I wanted to bury something for him to find, I reached into my pocket for a coin, but I'd just started hunting and hadn't found one yet. The only thing in there was my wedding band. I turned him away from me, and stuffed it in the sand with my foot. I showed him the general location and turned him loose, him holding the shaft about halfway to the coil. He found it quick and dug it out with his hand. His next move was a surprise. He spun around with my ring in his hand and hurled it into the surf.

Mom jump off her blanket and ran over crying an apology while I was laughing hysterically. The kid got scared because Mom was crying and I was laughing. Turns out he thought he would find a coin not a ring, so he tossed it. I took quite a while to calm Mom down and convince her that it wasn't lost. I found it in short order, but the incident attracted quite a crowd.
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