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Mostly a butcher for over 30 years now. Even longer than that in the food business (first job was in an Italian restaurant). For about 7 years I worked for a number of civil engineering firms as a soil tester, survey assistant and construction site inspector. When I moved to P.A. in '07 I went back into meat cutting and have stayed there ever since. This area is too urban for me really. I wouldn't want to do surveying/engineering stuff in the big city. Most of my work back when took me to fairly rural settings, often alone. Once was about a mile down the road from the original Woodstock concert site in Bethel, NY. It was the site of an old farm formerly owned by...uhhh...George III of England, I think? I'll double check that. I always wanted to go detecting there but never got around to it. Unfortunately there's now a bunch of hoity-toity mansions where that old farm used to be....and it's all my fault! There was some really old infrastructure poking out of the dirt up there. My work in civil engineering/surveying introduced me to some really nice places in upstate NY. I've been exposed to some forgotten little corners of colonial history during my time there.

In spite of my "two professions", my college degree is in Microbiology and Chemistry and has little to do with either!

I am married to an RN from Peru, 13 years now, and we have a 12 year old son.

Oh, yeah...I've always been kind of a musician..started playing keyboard back in the early 80's. I played in a few bands in the 90's and 00's. Continued playing in my own studio since I moved here, occasionally collaborating with someone I meet. I'd always give playing in a band another try....

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