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Originally Posted by Metal Pig View post
Sometimes I really enjoy fishing a lot but usually it takes a back seat to metal detecting. What really competes head-to-head with metal detecting is music. I've done both just about as long: Just about 40 years now. Music has also been more lucrative for me at one time was making it into a borderline profession but it wasn't enough to quit my day job. After I moved to the Pittsburgh area over 10 years ago things kind of changed and I found it just wasn't the same scene. However I have still remained active in the studio ever since and always keep some equipment around, synthesizers mainly, and the right gear for recording and mixing multiple tracks. Ever since I bought the two metal detectors listed in my signature I haven't been in the studio much but that's okay I know I eventually will again. As I said those two things have been almost Head to Head or maybe about a 70/30 in favor of music for nearly 40 years. In the "pleasant" months, spring and fall, I usually find stuff to do outdoors more often than not. I guess we can also add guns and shooting to my list of hobbies! I'm pretty flexible with that though and normally I just read about guns alot and just passively carry one for my general protection when I'm out and about.
I love music too! Guitars/Stratocasters have caused me to leave this hobby and come back a couple of times. I got into doing fret work and setups for people and it ended up being too much like Same way with weapons as well....


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