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Soooooooo much better!
Put the Nel back on, hit the neighbor's lawn and it was a pleasure!
Found more coins, a few from the backyard that I hunted a few minutes just to check it out and I found a few dimes, another 50's wheat and that car which I think is my first Lesney.
A 1973 Saab Sonnet III.
Quiet, stable, a few signals were really short and jumpy but I got them to calm down and stay in a small range.
Some iron fooled me but eventually I finally realized if I got some higher hits and they dropped down 20-30 numbers I should just not bother because they were iron nails every time.
I kinda knew this but I still go after some iffy ones in private lawns but I think I will just stop doing that now.

The very best thing is this green 1920 wheat, that baby came out of my own front lawn which is an area I have covered so many times for years.
Sounded far away, also short and a bit squeaky but it stayed in the higher numbers in a short range and didn't move around much plus the F5 said it was at 6"...the deepest target I had all day.
Actually the deepest decent target I have had for a few weeks.
Had to go after it.
Hanging around the high 80's but up-averaging in my dirt is normal here and the deeper they are the higher the numbers go.
When this beautiful green coin came up I was kinda shocked...and very happy.
It was every bit of 6" deep, actually I swear it was closer to 7".
In this dirt this is deep, especially with such a decently stable signal this is pretty amazing.
There was only one other good target I can remember getting as stable as this at this depth and that was a bigger sterling Masonic coin with the F70 which was in some extremely rare nice black fill dirt...and that was a few years ago.
Just a 1920 worn green wheat but this is huge.

Good signals, stable and close to normal, deep but enough good behavior for me to recognize it in my weird and rotten dirt...that is what I was hoping for and why I got this thing and that Nel coil but I never thought it would work this well.

I am just thrilled, again this thing is hitting on all cylinders and we still have a ways to go before I become one with it.
Didn't think it would be so soon before it shocked me again but there you go.
That's Fisher for ya!
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