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Well, I found my 13.5 khz Cors Cannon coil and threw that on the end of my F5 for the day.
Yea, that's not gonna happen again and I seriously doubt I will be looking for a big coil like this in the future for the F5...matching frequency or not.
I forgot how big this thing is, on the F70 it fits fine, pretty solid and not much play that I can remember but for some reason on the F5 I just couldn't tighten it up enough.
Pretty floppy, I didn't want to go too far and break the ears or anything else so I just left it that way.
Not actually all that bad if I left it on the ground and just scooted along the surface but that wasn't possible all the time.
Also pretty unwieldy...snipers on the end of any of my detectors are like swinging nothing and I just got used to that and enjoy the experience.
Pretty much been a sniper guy since June 30th 2012 which was the first hunt I used one on the F2 and not much has changed since then.

Again, shocking depth with this thing wasn't possible, or at least I never saw it anywhere I went in both the neighbor's lawn and a park.
Also that wiggle pull back method over crown caps didn't work very well at all most of the time just like on the 11" DD F75 coil and at that park there were a million of these things.
Very frustrating.

I found some stuff, one coin in that lawn and that key and the rest at the park, most of it at the edge of the park where an old home was recently knocked down and the site leveled.
I found an old stone walkway next to that home that I didn't know was there because it was covered up by grass and dirt forever, pretty much a sidewalk that has been there for almost a 100 years or more and I searched along each side all the way to the street to where it started but nothing but junk, junk, junk...and a million crown caps.
That fitting in the pic on the top left is the cap for a grounding rod, almost 5 oz's of solid copper and that one screamed but overall not a nice, fun relaxing hunt.
At all.
I am going to stop all this messing around with coils, throw the Sharpshooter on there and just go hunting from this day forward.
It performed way more than just well when I used it before, I got it for specific and logical reasons and it pleased me to no end when I hunted with it so that's it, put a fork in me, I'm done.
I bought the thing and I am just gonna use it and be deliriously happy...end of story.

Nice to try all these different coils to see what they could do but I know my area, my sites and my dirt.
Snipers just work the best for me around here, the Sharpshooter works really well in my environment on the F70 and I am shocked and pleased on how it matches up with the F5.
I am not kidding about that shocked part in both stability and depth.

So from now on all targets pictured in this log will be found with that coil unless I tell you differently, I am sure there will be many with hopefully a few more delightful surprises in the future.

Maybe later today I will try it in that lawn again so we will see what I missed before.
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