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Default F5 finds my oldest coin...Ever!

A Chinese coin but I will take it.
Qing Dynasty, minted between 1736-1795 so at least 225 years old, probably older than that.
Who knows how it got here or when it was lost but that is one of the fun things about this hobby.
Could have been a collectable owned by someone that lived in that house or it could have been lost a few hundred years ago by someone traveling through this area way before there was civilization around here.

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Took the F5 with the small round F75 sniper coil still mounted across the street to that lawn because we got rain and the site became live again, I was gonna change back to the Nel but I was too lazy.
Worked well again, lots of targets still here, I left several zinc cent signals in the ground for now but I will get after them another time.

Most of the dimes were solid low 70's, the rest a bit more iffy and not in that 3 number solid range I look for but still in a small range with no bounces to other sections so I dug them.
The quarter I missed before this, not exactly the most solid 80 signal like all the ones I found on my first hunt and very short and small signal but I finally got it to stay on 80 with some coil manipulations.
Not deep at all, just my weird dirt does this to so many targets just like this.
The key on the left is fancy, P & F Corbin which could be anywhere from the late 1800's to the early 60's but I assume early 40's to 50's like many targets I find in these lawns.
No wheats on this hunt but that one of those nickels was a 1940...just a little newer and I would have had some more silver but maybe next time.

The Chinese coin hovered around the low 50's, maybe 5" deep and out of the ground a solid 53 and I went after it because I have found 5 10k gold rings in this area in the past so hoping for another one but not this time.
Still a really cool target, though, a bucket lister first Chinese coin so I am happy.

I found my big Cannon coil so I will try that next, don't have a lot of hope that it will work a whole lot better than the 11" DD Fisher coil but who knows...a different brand and different coil so maybe it will surprise me and I hope it does.
You never know until you try, I will give it a shot so I won't wonder anymore.

This lawn is turning out to be pretty great, if I can find a couple of silver coins it will end up to be one of the best I have hunted so far so not done here by a long shot.
Plus that backyard is still in my future plans.
Nice to have such a nice site to hunt only 20 yards from my home.
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