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Default More coils get their turn..

So the last few hunts I tried the big 11" F75 DD and yesterday I threw on the F75 round 5" DD coil.
One worked just ok, the other much better.

The big DD I had hoped for good results, great depth, good coverage, good sensitivity and decent stability and normal behavior compared to it mounted on my F70.
I got some of that but not all of it.
Can't say I was shocked at that, mismatching frequencies can be a crapshoot, at best.
I took it to another park close to me that I have hunted for years, found some coins, the coverage was great but overall not a super fun experience.
Stability was ok, I could turn it up some but even at lower settings not as quiet as the Nel coil or the two concentrics the F5 came with.
Neither of those concentrics were quite as quiet as the Nel, either, but they were better than this one.
Pinpointing was ok but I was off a little on a few targets, not a lot but some, not sure why.
The depth was, meh...could be I just never scanned anything decently deep but I checked depth all over the place on targets and I wasn't impressed.
I came home and hit that lawn across the street for a tiny bit, found a couple of coins I missed but that silver locket came in solid and nice although not real deep.
The wiggle pull back method over crown caps watching for a drop to iron on this coil worked sometimes but sometimes it didn't which seemed weird to me.
On the F70 It always works with all coils and the F5 with the Nel I could count on this everytime.
Maybe I will buy a bigger DD that matches the frequency sometime for extra depth which I assume will work better but this 13.5 frequency DD coil will probably not be mounted on the F5 again.

Now on the 5" F75 DD coil a whole different story.
It worked pretty darn good all day at a different park and I found several coins there and even more at that lawn when I returned home, found another wheat in that lawn, a few dimes I missed before, a few zincolns and one or two copper cents.
Also that gold looking earring in the pic below.
That was in a hole with a high tone coin, a mixed signal and a little choppy but enough of it for me to go after it.
The obvious signals are getting scarce in this lawn, time to start going after the not so obvious ones but we need more rain before I hit this lawn again.
I got the coin out with the round Fisher F75 sniper, rescanned and got a real solid 25-25 on that earring and it came up clean.
Just below nickel, a perfect signal for an open gold target like this.
Couldn't wait to test it, hoped for gold, but at 10k the scratch stayed for a short time but eventually got eaten up.
At the most this thing is plated but I am sure we will find solid gold together, eventually.
Hopefully sooner than later.

Overall the round sniper coil was pretty good, not super deep in this one either but it was easy to pinpoint accurately because of the small size.
The wiggle and pull back thing over caps worked most of the time but one thing I didn't like was it seemed unusually solid over tabs, both sta-tabs and beaver tails.
Don't recall the Nel being as stable over these things, could be mistaken or it just could be the tabs in this part of the park in that dirt just do that...need to bring the Nel there and see what happens.
Finding those new coins in that lawn with this coil after missing them with others didn't bother me, a lot of success around here has a lot to do with the direction you come at targets from, again all a crapshoot in this dirt.
Sometimes you can get good signals from more than one direction, something I do checking many targets, sometimes just one way hits could be good because of the too much iron I am so blessed to have around here.
All the targets in the pic below to me says I had a good hunt considering I hit the areas I hunted many times before.
Will this be a coil I use in the future, probably not because the Nel seems to do it all a little better and deeper but nice to know I have another option to try at sites where it dries up with the Nel.

So where am I with all the coils I have tried so far?
Still need to try the bigger Cors Cannon coil but I hid that somewhere and need to look for it.
Not sure if it will work a whole lot better than the Fisher 11", I think on the bigger coils matching frequencies might matter but I will try that one when I dig it out.

The sniper concentric was ok, not the same experience I remember having on the F2 but it found targets.
Not remarkably deep but it might come in handy in some heavy iron, trash or sites infested with a million crown caps.
I can deal with all that with the Nel, however, and that coil seems to get much deeper on the F5 without trying hard.

The elliptical concentric was nice, pretty decent tones in multi-tones...not exactly the same super sweet ones I hear on the F70 but they are two different detectors, after all.
Depth I am pretty sure would be more than adequate in real nice dirt but here in my dirt not spectacular.
Deep enough for the 5" level, maybe 6" and that is where tons of my targets hide but I never saw anything that knocked my socks off in depth where that Nel, again, did better.

The 11" DD at 13.5 kHz was a good try but nothing I feel the need to explore a lot more.

The 13.5 kHz round Fisher DD was better, if I didn't have the Nel Sharpshooter it would probably be my coil of choice for most situations but I have the Nel which in depth and maybe a few other areas seems a bit better so redundant for my use going forward.

The Nel glad I got this coil.
It works great on the F70 but maybe even better on the F5.
Keeps it very quiet and stable, even at very high settings, seems to find all targets with no problems, deals with iron and crown caps with very familiar and normal behavior I am used to in my dirt and the depth it gets here does shock me.
I assume other, smaller Fisher DD coils in the correct frequency might work pretty darn good here too but I don't have those and I don't plan on getting any as the Sharpshooter seems to fill all my needs.
For jewelry hunting, anyway, most normal depths on older coins also, and the important thing here is unmasking and it seems pretty great at that in my dirt, too.

As I mentioned one day I might consider a bigger DD coil in the matching frequency just to see how deep I can get, probably in the Nel or Cors lines since I had such good experiences with them, but super depth isn't all that important here and the smaller Nel seems to get me where I need to go and more.
I tend to splurge on new accessories after I hit jackpots at the casinos and until this covid thing is past us I ain't going near those places but someday I will return and maybe win some extra funds to experiment.

For now the Sharpshooter will be my go-to coil for most sites going after most targets...I guess.
Done very well for me so far with limited use, I think I lucked out getting the F5 to see if it would work well in my dirt, and it has, and I was just as lucky choosing the Nel sharpshooter as an optional coil out of so many others I could have bought.
Love it when a plan comes together.

I will keep adding to this thread as my hunts continue.
Much more treasure to come.
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