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Thumbs up Great at finding coins...Check!

Hit the teeny tiny neighbors front lawn I mentioned in the last post for a short hunt...despite the size this might end up being one of the better ones.

Dug mostly just the super solid signals in coin mode with the F5 and Sharpshooter coil.
Wi-Fi hitting me hard and made things chatty so gain at about 80, thresh up and down between -3 and 0 and pretty quiet at 80-90 gain and -3 thresh but also tried jewelry mode, 40-60 gain and thresh up to all worked.
As a matter of fact jewelry mode with the lower gain but higher thresh might have found a few now solid signals I might have not gotten before.
Hard to tell because I just did my drunken walk around this place, no gridding or anything, but it is such a small space I covered a lot of it on my first pass.
I think maybe the thresh setting is real important on this thing, more than even on the F70, setting it at different levels can do different things and change things not just for jewelry hunting but even at coin sites but more observations needed to know for sure.

Otherwise a whole bunch of fun and a surprising amount of coins for such a tiny lawn.
Can you say virgin?
If there are silver or other old coins coins here I will find them...eventually.
My history at these homes is I need a few hunts, maybe several, to get a chance to clean them up a bit and get rid of a lot of the clad, trash and iron out of the way before the good stuff shows up which more often than not is actually fairly well masked.

Next up, one of the two concentric coils I got in the package, maybe the sniper because I haven't used a small concentric coil for a couple of years since I traded away my Vaq.
It did great on the F2, can it be even more effective mounted on the F5?
We'll see.

First hunt...$3.08, two wheats and a key.
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